13 Aug 2008

every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. [New LJ Post]


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the show tonight. This was the best show of the tour so far.

As you might have heard – or maybe you didnt? – we filmed the show tonight for a DVD that we hope to release later this year. We had original plans to shoot the show in Central Park next week but due to complications with our production set up and the venue, we had to change locations. I have to say, at first we were a little disappointed cause we were counting on NYC but now that we’ve filmed the show and played Chicago we are MORE than stoked that tonight was the night.

I realized before we came out for encore that it was here that we played our first ever headlining show, in 2006. So, it’s even more special that we had to switch to tonight to film. Just feels right.

I gotta run cause we’re about to leave and I wanna go hang with some people from the show. They’ve been hangin outside for a while now. Just to let you guys know we got our PARAMORE RIOT BOOKS in tonight. They pretty much serve the same purpose as a year book. TONS AND TONS of pics and lyric sheets, production notes from The Final Riot Tour. And member bios. Ryan Russell did all the photos for the book… we know how much we all love that dude. So check em out at the merch booth, we think you’ll be stoked on em.



12 Aug 2008

2008 MTV VMA’S!

Remember to vote for Paramore to enter to the MTV VMA’s categories for best rock video HERE and video of the year HERE.
It ends up tomorrow, so LET’S GO!

12 Aug 2008

The Final Riot! Tour Program [New MySpace Blog]

The program for The Final Riot! Summer Tour 2008 can be found at the merch booth on the tour. Art directed by Paramore and photographer Ryan Russell, the program highlights the band’s year from the release of RIOT! last June – check out the cover and a sample page below!

You can check out more of Ryan’s work

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11 Aug 2008

Kids’ Choice Awards 2008!

Paramore have been nominated for the Kids’ Choice Awards 2008 in Australia with bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco for best international band, so make sure you vote them HERE.

10 Aug 2008

TWO SURF BOARDS (should’ve made this post earlier, sorry!) [New LJ post]

[ music | Bjork – In The Musicals ]

Best Rock Track with “crushcrushcrush” and Best Rock Group!

these are the first awards we’ve ever won as a band and we’re stoked about it.

we just got back on the bus and we’re headed for the V-Fest. playing with Nine Inch Nails… woohooo!!!
i’m really gonna have to get some sleep since we’re playing so much earlier in the day than usual (around 2pm, i think??). but really, we all just wanted to drop by and tell you guys how much we appreciate the ridiculous support. on top of the teen choice craziness, we’ve been getting all kind of updates on our video stats on the VMA voting site. thank you guys for all of it. awards really have nothing to do with why our band is a band but being supported to this extent is indescribable. we will see you guys on tour!!!


10 Aug 2008

paramore @ THE VMA’S [New MySpace Bulletin]

VOTE FOR US in the breast – er, I mean BEST ROCK VIDEO and VIDEO OF THE YEAR categories starting TONIGHT @ 8pm EST.
Voting ends on Wednesday, 8/13 @ midnight!

Thanks for all your support.
We’ll see you at a show!