03 Aug 2008

New LJ Post [hi again.]

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mesa, arizona is scorching hot!!! my pale-ness is in a state of shock. SPF 1000 alert!!! haha

i finally finished new moon today (2nd in the twilight saga). i have been struggling through it due to the on-off-ness of our touring state the past few months. i missed the breaking dawn party last night at borders… probably a good thing because i would’ve been so excited the temptation to skip right over eclipse and tear into breaking dawn would’ve overcome me and then what kind of mess would i be in?? so anyways, now i’m a chapter into the 3rd book and the 4th will be waiting on me when i get home. (i reserved a copy – YES!) i’m stoked for the twilight movie. i think it’s gonna be really good. i’m definitely going to dress up as a vampire to go see it. wanna fight about it?

tomorrow is a drive day and we’ll be headed somewhere between here and little rock to stay the night, before we have another day off in little rock. jeremy’s taking us canoeing or something which i’m way too excited for. he’s been trying to take us on that trip since 2004 when we started playing shows outside TN. we’ll make sure to take some good pics of that for you guys. it’s about time we update our myspace photo section anyways.

our first band BBQ is happening today at the fan club M&G. we are stoked. it’s about time we organized these types of things. it makes it more fun for us and more personal for you guys, i think. i couldn’t stand the tables or the lines… that’s for a festival setting. for our own shows we’d like to think it’s possible that we can always talk to you guys and have real connection on and off the stage. i know times change but… we’ll keep resisting haha.

anyone out there hailing from manila, philippines? NFG is playing a festival or something there tonight with a whole bunch of other bands. if anyone is going… ransack the stage and give chad a big ol’ bear hug for me. okay don’t really do that… it’s possible you could get into trouble, it’s a pretty big festival. um let’s see, there has to be another option. maybe a sign? “hayley says ‘hi”??? umm… well, whatever, if you’re going just have a great time! they’re gonna be so awesome!!!

alright i’m out haha. that movie shooter just came on. marky mark wahlberg is tearin it up!


31 Jul 2008

VIDEO: The Final Riot! Tour [MySpace Bulletin]

The Final Riot! Paramore Summer Tour 2008 is on the road! Scope out the video below and be sure to get your tickets now so you don’t miss Paramore alongside special guests Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet and Paper Route.

31 Jul 2008

Mexico and South American Dates

The band is doing some more shows for the Final Riot Tour in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Here are the dates.

17/10- Monterrey, Mexico
18/10 – Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
19/10 – Guadalajara, Mexico
23/10 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
24/10 – Porto Alegre, Brazil
25/10 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
28/10 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
29/10 – Santiago, Chile

28 Jul 2008

New LJ Post [back in slacks.]

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we’re on tour! oh, how i missed it.

i apologize for the lack of updates. time literally flew out from under us… 2 1/2 weeks goes by a lot quicker now days. during our time off i saw about a million movies, including Hellboy 2 – i liked the first one better but as far as graphics go it couldn’t touch the new one – and the record breaking, mind blowing, The Dark Knight – which ruled, as you’ve probably heard a thousand times by now. i also went to Guitar Hero’s portion of the e3 conference in LA and got to talk a little about my involvement in the 4th game, “World Tour”. i’d never been to a press conference like that and it was really cool to go to one that revolved around something different than what paramore would usually be a part of. the guys and i are really excited to see what happens with the game and play the heck out of it when it’s released. the new game has all the instruments – so all of us can play together and whoever is “singing” can be my character… haha i’ll be so intrigued and embarrassed at the same time. while we were in la, chadball took me to runyon canyon. it’s this intense hiking trail up the highest hills in hollywood. i posted a couple pics on our mobile stream on – check that shiz out if you got time! lastly, the guys and i saw a band called Ours at Exit/In two nights ago… it was a cool thing cause the first birthday gift i ever got from josh and zac was the second Ours record called “Precious”. sadly, they played a grand total of “0” songs from that record and i was pretty bummed but Jimmy’s voice still kicked my ass. so, that’s basically everything that happened in my life over the past 2 weeks – did you even want to know? haha oh and one more thing – i partook in a 1000 piece puzzle of marilyn monroe having a bubble bath. find it at walmart. there… now THAT is everything. what a pointless post.

on to things that really really matter. we have a show for you guys!
we’re so excited… to be honest, i’m expecting a lot of technical difficulties in the first few shows and or me messing up parts and forgetting lyrics but it’s all part of the fun that will be the final riot tour. if you haven’t bought tickets yet, make it happen cause we really want to make this tour special. we might even be filming this tour – shows and behind the scenes, tour bus stuff, etc. for a release in the near future. never know what might happen. ;)

more updates coming soon.

24 Jul 2008

Hayley Williams At GH4 Press Conference 2008

19 Jul 2008

PARAMORE: Asking Snoop Dogg A Question

Paramore ask Snoop Dogg what his favorite rock band is as part of YouTube’s Living Legends series at