14 Jul 2008

On the bus with Kevin Lyman

14 Jul 2008

New photos

We’ve uploaded a new photoshoot for the magazine Rock One, a scan of Hayley in Kerrang and an old photo of the photoshoot in NY of MTV.

PS: Do not remove our tags, please!.

06 Jul 2008

Two new photoshoots

We’ve uploaded two new photoshoots to the gallery.

04 Jul 2008

New wallet on

Canvas Wallet

04 Jul 2008

New LJ post [every careless word that you utter renders you utterly useless.]

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[ music | read the title. google the lyrics if you don’t know. ]

whhyyyyyy must people care so much?

04 Jul 2008

Paramore on Kidd Kraddick & The Farro Bros being interviewed

Paramore was being interviewed by Kidd Kraddick Radio yesterday and they also played two songs (Misery Business & That’s What You Get) live there. If you wanna download the interview, click here. (Thanks Colinhaslj from LiveJournal) You can view the awesome performance below.

Paramore @ Kidd Kraddick Radio “That’s What You Get”

Zac and Josh were also interviewing each other and Buzznet has both of the videos.
Josh interviews Zac & Zac interviews Josh