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That’s what you get…

According to MTV and Atlantic Records, the band will be shooting the video of this 3rd single, “That’s What You Get“, in Nashville on March 2-3.

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New LJ Post [the music our collisions make!]

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hello everyone…

since we posted the last entry, we’ve gotten tons of phone calls and people posting things on websites saying that we are breaking up. i just want to make it clear, though, that by posting two nights ago we weren’t saying the band was over. we posted because we are going through hard times and we felt that because we have a really good support system in you guys, our fans, it would be better for us to just be honest about what’s going on – even though, it was a pretty vague explanation. man, some of the rumors that i’ve heard going around are insane! it’s weird how out of hand things can get even when you just try to tell a simple truth. (for the record, my eggo is not preggo). anyway, we just need to take time to make this band the best it can be… and we are doing that now.

thank you for all the love and the encouragement you guys have shown. and WE WILL! be seeing you guys on the 27th of March in Orlando, FL :)

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New LJ Post

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Hey guys,

As most of you already know, we have cancelled the rest of our UK/Europe RIOT Tour. First of all, we want to say we are so sorry for letting all of you down. We feel terrible about it and really didn’t expect for this to happen. It probably doesn’t sound like much but we just hate that we won’t get to play this show for those of you who had hoped to see it.

There are a lot of internal issues that have been going on in this band for quite a while now. A lot of it started right around the time we were gearing up for the RIOT Tour in the US. We were able

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New MySpace Bulletin [Cancelled European tour dates]

Paramore have been forced to postpone the remaining dates of their current sold-out European tour for personal reasons which require their attention at home. The band regrets letting its fans down by not making it to the below six cities, and hope to come back soon.

21 Paris, La Trabendo FR
23 Hamburg, Grunspan DE
24 Berlin, Lido DE
26 Portsmouth, Guildhall UK
27 Nottingham, Rock City UK
28 Glasgow, Academy UK

Support act New Found Glory will still be performing in Paris on the 21st.

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U.S Tour Dates and Presale tickets

The dates for the spring tour with Jimmy Eat World have been announced. Check ParamoreFanClub.com to sign up for access to the presale.


27 mar 2008 20:00
Hard Rock Live Orlando, FL
28 mar 2008 20:00
Boutwell Auditorium Birmingham, AL
29 mar 2008 20:00

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New LJ Post [we sure are cute for two ugly people.]

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well hello there.

valentine’s day is overrated. but not this year. we were able to spend v-day with you guys, in newcastle. the postponing of the show two nights before actually worked to our benefit… otherwise we wouldn’t have even seen each other on the 14th, much less spent an entire evening together. thanks for all the roses and the cards. it was definitely a great way to spend valentine’s. wouldn’t have had it any other way. not to mention the show was easily the best of the the UK tour so far.

tonight we played in cologne, germany to a smaller room of about 500 kids. NFG headlined (as they should – haha). i miss shows like that. i think that it reminds us of touring in the van… so that’s why we love it so much. we almost got away with not putting up a barricade tonight but i actually think the crowd

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