“New” Layout

This is not really “new”. I uploaded it 2 weeks ago to the Spanish section and now I decided to uploaded it here too.

It’s pretty simple but nice. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

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New LJ Post [thank you.]

just a quick thank you to those of you who came out to our show at Cat’s Music in Franklin to support indie retail. please support your local record shops and indie retailers. buy physical records!!! the digital world will survive without you. again, thanks for coming out to the show… we had a blast. and an extra special thank you to those of you who walked out the door with records in your hands :)

see you at a show!

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New Livejournal post [LIFE.]


we are in springfield, missouri. just left bass pro shop/outdoor world. today is one of those days, where i feel like if i were at home, in franklin… i’d just want to lay around all day like a sloth. watch a few movies, maybe grab starbucks down the street and bring it back home. maybe cook something??? okay, yeah… probably not. it’s just one of those days. instead, however, i’m sitting around on the bus. talledega nights is on the television in the front lounge and i’m in the back lounge listening to it and watching people walk on and off the bus. is this an exciting story or what?

we don’t play missouri too often. i’m excited to see how the show goes. the venue is really nice… big, as most of them have been, recently. it’s definitely weird playing these half-arenas. (“i never realized how easy it was to half an arena with a machete…” sorry. just a quick ‘Walk Hard’ reference). lately, i’ve really missed those 300-400 cap rooms. heck, even smaller than that. pontiac grille, anyone? or what about the new brooklyn tavern? i think about those shows every night when we’re playing. especially when asking how many people in the crowd have never seen us before. some of these kids are seeing us play for the first time in these huge halved arenas. how crazy is that? it’s not sad… really, although some people might think so. it’s actually pretty ridiculous, haha. they must think we are big time, or something. all this is to say, i can’t really believe where we are right now. it’s weird that i almost forgot where it started. that’s why we had to go home for a whole month and just get away from the hype. we can’t forget where it started… you know? when we do, it’s just pointless.

every band i’ve ever loved, i always saw in really small clubs. other than when i saw coldplay in ’03 at the reiman auditorium. i don’t know really what it’s like to one day be one person out of 10 at a show and then next thing you know, be wrestling kids to get to the front in some half arena. the closest thing i know to that is seeing coheed in ’03 at the Muse, then Rocketown in ’04 (with AFI and Thursday!!!) and then seeing them the past couple years at the warped tour… playing to huge crowds. but at that point, our band had tour passes so i really didn’t have to work that hard to see their set. i really don’t know what it’s like to follow a band the way some of you have followed us and worked hard to stay connected with us as we’ve tried to stay connected with you. so, thank you guys… for sticking with us. hangin in the long ass lines. everything. it’s awesome. and if you are just now getting into all of this, welcome and thank you too, for all the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown.

this was almost a pointless post… but i feel really good about it.
these kind of days are really good, sometimes :)

ps. dear and the headlights are amazing.

Location:bus. springfield.
Music:death in the park.

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New LJ Post [lil wayne, y’all]

[Music | yes, i do listen to have heart hahahah.]

lil wayne, ya’ll.
… we haven’t shot a live dvd yet. has nothing to do with the city haha we sucked that night. messed up too much. wow, can’t win. and that spelling error was ace as well, huh? sometimes, it happens.

tomorrow is a day off! we’re stoked to be playing another show in Idaho in a couple of days, as we don’t go through there that often. last time we were there was on Warped. the crowd was pretty awesome that day. man, i miss Warped tour. this summer will be strange not being on the whole thing. one week of Warped just isn’t enough. not sure why i’ve been thinking about that so much lately, but i have.

the guys are in the front making videos of themselves dancing to that “lick me like a lollipop” song hahaha. they have carroll – our monitor guy (who rules) – doing all sorts of dances. which i’m sure looks AMAZING. and i’m just chillin’ in my bunk… today took a lot out of me, for some reason. we didn’t hardly do anything but play the show but i’m beat. oh man, now it’s “smack that”. i’m gonna wait to watch the videos, i don’t want to ruin it for myself. who knows maybe the guys will decide to post those?

well this has been a really informative livejournal post. haha. hope you guys are doin’ well.
if we haven’t seen you at a show yet, we’ll see you soon!


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