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“Born For This” Documentary

From Paramore.net: “Born For This” is a documentary about Paramore’s life as a family on the road. It features candid interviews and performances from the band as they headlined The 2007 Vans Warped Tour; along with interviews with Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, bands like New Found Glory, Underoath, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and more. “Born For This” was filmed over three days last summer on the Vans Warped Tour as it passed through New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey, and aired originally on FUSE in November 2007, Directed by Chris Fiore.

Watch it now at the Paramore.net video section.

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Recent LJ Updates

Hayley has been updating the band’s LiveJournal, read them here:

12 Feb 2008 – what up roaming charges?!
11 Feb 2008 – GRAAAMMMYS and the long flight back.

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Paramore didn’t win the Grammy for the Best New Artist

Yesterday the Grammys were hold and as you may know, Paramore were nominated for Best New Artist of the year with Feist, Ledisi, Taylor Swift and Any Winehouse, who won.

Although they didn’t win, have reached this point is a big merit, so congratulations guys!

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New LJ Post [on the plane.]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | “Jackson” ]

i love long flights. it’s the only time we can relax and truly be disconnected from all the bullshit goin’ on around us. you can’t get a phone call in a plane. you can’t check your email. no meetings, interviews, or anything like that… just eleven hours of letting go and attempting to listen to every album on your iPod. the best part is that here, there is no one to impress. everyone’s just doing the same as you, trying to get from A to B safely and swiftly – as possible.

where is the line between being completely vulnerable and letting other people make their own interpretations? “my only weakness is… well, nevermind”.

we have just begun our first tour of the year. otherwise known as the UK RIOT TOUR

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