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New merch and Warped Tour 08

There have been added some new articles to the official online store:
“Crush Tote”

According to Kevin Lyman, the band will be in a few dates of this 2008 Warped Tour Edition.

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KERRANG! Podcast Videos

Part 1

Part 2

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New LJ Update [run in the front.]

[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | dear and the headlights ]

i love dear and the headlights.

london is awesome. we made it safely and we’ve had a pretty relaxing day. the tour of our lives is about to begin and the year of our lives, with it. i’m stoked. okay, be honest with me… is it time to retire “stoked” yet or am i still okay? right now, i’m watchin the hotel movie guide channel. the same movie trailers over and over again. neverending. i do this every time we stay at a hotel and it always annoys me but i never change the channel. not sure why haha. next is the “Smokin’ Aces” trailer… it’s a pretty good trailer. after that “Flushed Away”… this one particularly annoys me and i can’t pick out why.

well, life has definitely thrown a few curve balls our way – professionally, personally, all that good stuff… it’s all happening. more than i’ve ever felt it happening. not just good or bad things, just all of it. just life.
the good stuff is GREAT and the bad… well, it sucks. but we aren’t the only people in the world that have that to say about life. the wonderful part is that we are back on the road and we’re playing music… this year is going to be so much fun for us musically.

thank you guys for doing your part to stay strong and keep supporting us. and geeezzz paramoresecrets is the new perezhilton.com… but not quite that accurate. oh well, it’s all fun and games til one of us starts believing what we’re reading and some weird type of “miss misery” (book) or “fight club” (movie) thing starts happenin where we’re living vicariously (and accidentally) through some s*** that some kid makes up online. then we’ll be crazy and all over the covers of tabloids like some kind of new britney thing.

why am i still awake? i’m so jet lagged haha.

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Small Gallery Update

I just uploaded some few pictures to the gallery after a long time without updating it. Hopefully I will have the time to keep uploading more and more pictures.

Albums Updated: 

09.10.07 – TRL
09.07 – The Lair
26.11.07 – TRL
05.07 Fuse (The Sauce)
31.12.07 – Tila Tequila’s MTV New Year’s Eve Masquerade 2008
22.01.08 – Grammy Nominee Party

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Paramore Live In The UK!


From ConcertLive.co.uk:


Leaders of the pop-punk parade, Paramore, will be taking the UK by storm from January 29th with their long awaited 2008 tour. Named in 2007 by NME as “one of the ten acts to watch”, fans will be overjoyed to learn that we’ll be recording the Manchester, Brixton and Birmingham concerts and producing unique Special Edition Live CD Bundles. As ever they’re limited edition with only 1,000 of each being made.

And if that wasn’t enough to whip fans into a flurry of excitement, the first 200 online orders of the Special Edition Bundle will be signed by the quintet themselves, as will 1 in 5 of the Special Edition Bundles bought at the concert.

So to be in with a chance of nabbing a limited edition instant CD, don’t delay, pre-order your Special Edition Bundle today!

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