04 Jun 2008

Happy Birthday Zac

Today is Zac’s 18th birthday!. We hope he has fun today at Portsmouth, and enjoy his second birthday here in Europe haha.

30 May 2008

Mailing List Message [THE FINAL RIOT! Paramore Summer Tour ’08 and new merch!]?

Anyone on last week heard the big news – Paramore is heading out on tour again this Summer! This time they’ll be taking out their friends in Jack’s Mannequin, Phantom Planet and Paper Route on THE FINAL RIOT! Paramore Summer Tour ’08.

In addition to The Final RIOT! Summer Tour ’08, Paramore will also be playing a few dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2008 (check for dates), along with two shows with the one and only John Mayer on August 19th and 20th!

Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 30th Continue Reading  

28 May 2008

New LJ Post [I miss that good old fashioned chaos!!! – update from the sk]

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[ music | Paul McCartney – “Ever Present Past” ]

H20’s new record Nothing To Prove came out today! Go get it!!!!!!!!!!

Time off has ruled but I cannot wait to fly to Dublin on Saturday. Why am I using capital letters in this entry? I never do that… I’m on my sidekick. I don’t really like posting from here but its extremely nice being able to update from my car. (I’m not driving… no worries). I’m excited to live in a bus again… live out of a suitcase again. What am I saying, I haven’t even unpacked from last tour.

Well, I will try to update again soon. This isn’t the easiest way to do it… that’s what she said. Who loves The Office?

By the way, we are very sorry about the dates or lack thereof for the summer tour. We are trying to figure out anything we can do to fix it or make it up to you guys but obviously we can’t just make up time if we don’t have it. Bear with us and we will keep you posted. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer. Stoked!!!

See you guys soon ;)

…okay now… go pick up the new H20 record. (My favorite song on it – at the moment – is “Unconditional”, check it out!!!)

Haybr33d (my lazer tag alias)

28 May 2008

Paramore in WOW!

Paramore is featured in this month WOW magazine. It’s a chilean magazine and thanks to Domi we have the scans.

WOW (05.08)

26 May 2008

New Layout – Graphics Gallery

We have a new layout in the Graphics Gallery. Thanks to Paco, who is helping us out uploading new graphics to that gallery, and now, making the whole layout for it.

24 May 2008

New LJ post [from the road]

wow. i meant to post this a while ago… it was just restored from a saved draft. i think i actually fell asleep writing this haha i’ll keep it here anyways.

[saved from stored draft]:
i love mewithoutYou.

we made it to London around noon today. it’s about 2am now. i’ve gotta get some sleep soon!
i just thought i’d post a quick little update before i finally went to bed. tomorrow is a big day. GIAN is a huge deal to us. in ’06, we played a side stage, very early in the day. here we are in 2008 headlining the whole thing. it’s crazy. thank you…. (and this is where it ended hahaha)

so, it’s been 2 weeks since the last update. life rules. hope you guys are doing so great… we came home from the Jimmy tour and had two days off in Nashville before we went out to the UK for GIAN. such great shows. somehow i think our show review got mixed up with another bands in the last issue of Kerrang. i think our review was actually mixed up with Mindless Self Indulgence. unless i was unconscious when i began to pry hands off my sweaty breasts. hahahaaa what is it with Kerrang and my boobs? leave em alone geez. apparently, i also stage dove during our set. badical. i wish, anyway. besides all the insanity with press – which we heard was an honest mistake, although i doubt it and i haven’t even read it to really decide for myself – the shows were incredible.

i have to go ahead and say it now… in the history of our band, the best crowd and overall best show, hands down, was in Glasgow, Scotland – i’m really sorry i might have forgotte the date – was it may 12th? thank you to everyone who came out to the show. the line was insane. wrapped around the building and so far down the street. haha. we love Scotland. also, thanks to those of you who stuck around til after the guys and i all got showers and packed to go home… you guys were so much fun to hang out with. for those of you who weren’t there, i will try to paint the picture for you. i walked out the bus to pack my stuff and told everyone that as soon as we were all ready we were going to come sign and hang out by the bus, so EVERYONE stuck around. seriously, like 400 kids hahah. the cops came and told everyone to leave and by the time we got out there only 30 or so kids had been allowed to stay. we had to whisper the entire time we signed and took pics. but it was so much fun haha so yeah… thank you guys.

so, i’m talkin to my friend “Mono-Dog” on ichat. he’s a fan of the band. apparently, my screen name was posted somewhere. oh well hahah. he plays a fender strat. he loves horror movies but his favorite new movie is juno. besides those fun little facts it’s awesome having a conversation with a fan. we both love stephen king’s Pet Cemetery. it reminds me of playing small clubs having REAL conversations with fans. with people. the guys and i are hoping to bring back some of those types of moments. especially within the fan club. it all takes time working out because now that the band is more successful any little thing can become “an issue”, which is weird haha. but we are working hard and really trying to keep you guys in the loop and make it feel even more of a community.

if you are in LA… go to Amoeba tonight, Eli “Paperboy” Reed is playin! i was gonna go but i can’t make it now. anyway, he’s great. different and the show will probably be a lot of fun.

i’m outta here

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