09 May 2008

Hayley on TRL and The Sauce


09 May 2008

New Photoshoot from Kerrang! Magazine

They are tagged too, BUT I think I could get them HQ and untagged pretty soon, so don’t worry =).

Photoshoot taken in Dayton, Ohio, April 2008

08 May 2008

Paramore discuss new material!

07 May 2008

Pictures: Hayley @ TRL Today

Here are some pictures from Hayley at TRL today.

06-05-08 Hayley @ TRL in New York City

04 May 2008

More pictures from the RIOT! photoshoot

Thanks to jadestartsriots on the LJ Community for let everyone know about this unseen pictures from the RIOT! Photoshoot.

RIOT! Shoots

04 May 2008

New old Photoshoots

I just uploaded two “new” photoshoots, actually they are not new, they are just unseen photoshoots.
I’m trying to get them untagged but by now enjoy them with the retna tag haha.

Photoshoot Nashville October 2006

Photoshoot April 30, 2007