New LJ Post [lil wayne, y’all]

[Music | yes, i do listen to have heart hahahah.]

lil wayne, ya’ll.
… we haven’t shot a live dvd yet. has nothing to do with the city haha we sucked that night. messed up too much. wow, can’t win. and that spelling error was ace as well, huh? sometimes, it happens.

tomorrow is a day off! we’re stoked to be playing another show in Idaho in a couple of days, as we don’t go through there that often. last time we were there was on Warped. the crowd was pretty awesome that day. man, i miss Warped tour. this summer will be strange not being on the whole thing. one week of Warped just isn’t enough. not sure why i’ve been thinking about that so much lately, but i have.

the guys are in the front making videos of themselves dancing to that “lick me like a lollipop” song hahaha. they have carroll – our monitor guy (who rules) – doing all sorts of dances. which i’m sure looks AMAZING. and i’m just chillin’ in my bunk… today took a lot out of me, for some reason. we didn’t hardly do anything but play the show but i’m beat. oh man, now it’s “smack that”. i’m gonna wait to watch the videos, i don’t want to ruin it for myself. who knows maybe the guys will decide to post those?

well this has been a really informative livejournal post. haha. hope you guys are doin’ well.
if we haven’t seen you at a show yet, we’ll see you soon!


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New LJ Post [09 Apr 2008]

[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Life is hard enough – Have Heart ]

well hello…

sorry it’s been a minute since we’ve updated. we’re a week into the Jimmy Eat World tour and so far, it’s been one of the most enjoyable and relaxing US tours we’ve been on. the shows have been beyond ridiculous… i can’t believe some of the rooms we’re playing. not to mention, sharing the stage with JEW and Dear and the Headlights is so much fun. we owe it to you guys. this is a tour we’ve dreamt about since we started playing shows; before we were even Paramore. so, thank you for getting us here.

i needed to post this story back in March, but i kept putting it off and forgetting… i got a package in the mail the other day from Tooth and Nail Records. i knew i hadn’t ordered anything from them, so it was a little weird. i opened the package to find a mewithoutYou vinyl, with a

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NME Awards

Paramore have been nominated for Best New Indie/Alternative Band at the NME awards.

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Jimmy Kimmel

Article HERE.

Pictures HERE.


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