08 May 2008

Paramore discuss new material!

07 May 2008

Pictures: Hayley @ TRL Today

Here are some pictures from Hayley at TRL today.

06-05-08 Hayley @ TRL in New York City

04 May 2008

More pictures from the RIOT! photoshoot

Thanks to jadestartsriots on the LJ Community for let everyone know about this unseen pictures from the RIOT! Photoshoot.

RIOT! Shoots

04 May 2008

New old Photoshoots

I just uploaded two “new” photoshoots, actually they are not new, they are just unseen photoshoots.
I’m trying to get them untagged but by now enjoy them with the retna tag haha.

Photoshoot Nashville October 2006

Photoshoot April 30, 2007

03 May 2008

New Myspace Blog [VIDEO: Jeremy’s Bass]

There are just a few days left for members of The Official Paramore Fan Club to enter to win Jeremy’s bass guitar.
Check out a video below of Jeremy helping his bass get that ‘vintage feel.’
And don’t forget that Paramore will be playing tomorrow at The Bamboozle in East Rutherford, New Jersey. If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the Paramore merch booth and the Fueled By Ramen tent for great deals on exclusive merchandise. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

03 May 2008

New LJ Post [her life was magazines and faithful tv screens]

i’m going to be so late for check out… i already know this.
but it doesn’t matter, cause i really feel like posting!

was anyone from the community at the Samsung event at The Meridian in Houston? we had so much fun. initially, i wasn’t too stoked about waking up at 5am and flying to Houston only to have to wake up the next morning at 5am to make it back to Lowell, Mass but it turned out being one of my highlights from this whole tour, tbqh (look at me using LJ language…weee). we hadn’t played a club like in about a year. in fact, we played The Meridian on the first tour of ’07 to promote RIOT! i had a blast on that tour. i was beginning to forget what it felt like… which sucked a little bit. anyway, we had a blast the other night and we wanted to thank everyone who came out and made it a party. hopefully, there will be more shows like that in the future, whether they are sponsored events or not.

so, the tour is coming to a close. i can’t believe we’ve been on the road with Jimmy for a month now. they are wonderful people… hilarious. not to mention, we had great times throwing fruit out backstage windows at people. insane. plus, Dear and the Headlights are some of the most talented and down to earth people i think we’ve ever shared a stage with. look out for them coming your way in the future… if you haven’t seen them on this tour you will want to see them sometime soon!!!

i have to go i’m going to be really late. have a good day. talk soon!