this is hayley. i haven’t written in a while. how are you guys!?

i don’t have long cause the shuttle to the hotel will be here in 20 minutes but i’m going to cram as much as possible into this little blog.

last night we hit the road. we ate arby’s… they ran out of roast beef. it was weird cause that’s pretty much the only thing that people go to arby’s for. then i bought a $4 pack of peanut M&M’s. (you know the HUGE packs? yeaah!). anyway, it’s the first time we’ve been on an american bus since the RIOT! Tour in 2007. it’s a totally different vibe and everyone seems really relaxed. i’m still hoarse from getting sick after the UK RIOT! Tour and i was definitely hoarse during the performance today. none of that mattered though, because we got to play MTV Spring Break. it was so much fun. i never expected our band to be able to play a “venue” like that. we were out on a big stage, which was painted all kinds of crazy colors, on the beach… tons of people just hanging out. dancing. a lot. loads of skin – including mine, which was definitely the most pale out of anyone’s on the ENTIRE beach hahaha – and good times. some of the dudes even busted out their board shorts and cut off jeans. ’bout time! now, if we can just get warped tour to come a little sooner.

lots of stuff goin on. so much to talk about. we just shot the video for “That’s What You Get” a little over a week and a half ago. we shot it with director, Marcos Siega (i really hope i spelled that right!) i’m so excited about it. i feel like it’s just real. we got to be ourselves

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That’s What You Get Video Shoot

Thanks to MTV.com we have news from the “That’s What You Get” video.

The video for “That’s What You Get” is hard evidence that Paramore aren’t breaking up anytime soon. (3.11.08)

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SPIN Magazine Photoshoot

I just uploaded some pictures from the SPIN Photoshoot they guys did. Most of the are HQ.


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New LJ Post [IM ONLINE!]

Zac posted this on Paramore’s LiveJournal. Some people did get to talk to them, live!

 “ajax and i are on our myspace chat thing talk to us… my name is zacfarro
and ajaxes is ajax hahaha”

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New LJ Post [Its josh!]

[ music | “Xerce” – by the Deftones ]

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing? I know spring break is now for a lot of ya’ll so I’m sure that means most of you are quite happy. haha! Just wanted to drop by and let you all know that we are doing well and are looking forward to seeing you guys on the tour with Jimmy Eat World. Its going to be amazing!
Zac, Ajax, and I just got back from a road trip to Florida. It was so much fun…except for the fact that it was too cold to get in the water. We still had a good time…it was nice to get away for a little bit. The funny thing is the best part of the trip was the ride down and up there haha! We turned on a beat and free-styled the whole time about anything that came to our heads. A lot of you are probably thinking “Wow three white kids trying to rap? PSH!” but it was so great! We actually might make a rap album….ok maybe not. But how hilarious would that be?
Well anyways Im going to get ready for the day. Everyone have an AWESOME spring break! See some of you this week in panama city! wooooo!

love you all,


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