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Paramore to release an ‘Ain’t It Fun’ 12′ for Record Store Day

Paramore will be releasing an ‘Ain’t It Fun’ 12′ for Record Store Day 2014! The vinyl was designed by Hayley and photo of it can be found below.

Record Store Day goes down in stores across the world on April 19th. You can find the participating stores in the Official Record Store Day website, all the stores aren’t selling Ain’t It Fun, so find a store near you and check with them directly.

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New HQ photos from Parahoy!

Our gallery has just been updated with new HQ photos from Parahoy! Cruise. There’s now new photos from Cocky Basketball with TaylorPick Throwing Contest with Jeremy and Bowling with Paramore! All the photos can be found here.

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New photos: Paramore spotted in Puerto Rico

Paramore arrived to Puerto Rico few hours after the Parahoy! Cruise ended, fans spotted the band at the airport on March 11th and also out and about in the city yesterday, check our gallery to see photos from both days. Paramore plays at Coliseo De Puerto Rico in San Juan, PR tomorrow.

At the airport in Puerto Rico:


Out and about in Puerto Rico:


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Day 4 recap

You can find the link to Billboard.com’s last recap of Parahoy! below.

Day 4

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Photos from last day of Parahoy! Cruise

Paramore’s Parahoy! Cruise ended today. Our gallery has been updated with photos from the last day, from Taylor’s Cocky Basketball and Jeremy’s Pick Throwing Contest and also from Q&A with the band.

We will be updating lots of new photos today. All the photos from the cruise can be found here.

Parahoy! Cruise – Day 4:


Cocky Basketball with Taylor:


Pick Throwing Contest with Jeremy:


Q&A with Paramore:


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Paramore to Reading and Leeds

Paramore will be headlining this year’s Reading and Leeds festival with Queens of the Stone Age! The band will be performing at Reading on Friday, the 22nd of August, and at Leeds the following day, Saturday, the 23rd of August. Tickets can be bought here!


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