06 Dec 2007

New LJ Post [first entry from the scenekick.]

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Hey guys!

Its hayley, writing to yall from the nashville airport via my sweet a scenekick. (That’s sidekick for those who don’t know). I feel a little dumb on this thing to be honest but I’ve had it for a good bit and its been great keeping in touch with friends/family and even for work. I swear this is not a tmobile commercial hahah.

Anyways, this will be short for now cause we are about to board for san fran! There is so much to talk about I wish I could update… maybe if I’d spent this time saying stuff that mattered I could have shared it all now but we will post again soon.

Btw, hope you are all enjoying the new .net site! Be patient as we try to get things really going and work out all the kinks.

ps. Jimmy eat world owns!!!

06 Dec 2007

Grammy nomination

Paramore are nominated to “Best New Artist”!. Yay for them, they so deserve it.

– Best New Artist:
Taylor Swift
Amy Winehouse

06 Dec 2007

Video “NBT7 – Paramore (CrushCrushCrush)”

06 Dec 2007

Videos “Paramore Being Crazy Final Episode Pt.1 & 2?

03 Dec 2007

new pictures over

They have updated the gallery with new pictures. Check them out here.

01 Dec 2007

NY Photoshoot

I just added some new pictures from that Photoshoot Paramore made a while ago for MTV. All of them are in HQ, or SHQ haha.

HQ Paramore NY (7).jpgHQ Paramore NY (8).jpgHQ Paramore NY (18).jpg

… more here.