30 Nov 2007


They launched the new site with new features like new biographies, pictures, etc.

29 Nov 2007

Vote Paramore!

thanks to dvid!

29 Nov 2007

Video Paramore on TRL [11.28.07]

28 Nov 2007

New graphics

I just uplaoded some new graphics to the graphics gallery, most of them are icons, but I’ll be updating more signatures and walls pretty soon.
Thanks so much to nanarock, lov3sickk and to mara over the spanish boards, for donating their graphics.

Here’s a little preview of what i uploaded:



28 Nov 2007

Paramore talk about Casey Calvert

HERE you are a video from Paramore talking about Casey Calvert, one of Hawthorne Heights’ members who passed away in his sleep last Saturday, the 24th.

26 Nov 2007

Holiday Greeting and Paramore Being Crazy Part3

I know we’ve been posting just videos, it’s just that there haven’t been any interesting news, the guys are still on tour so…
Anyway, I’m really sorry about the lack of updates in the gallery, I’ll do my best to post all the new ones I have this next weekend.

Holiday Greeting:

Paramore Being Crazy Part 3: