18 Nov 2007

Videos from CD101 Big Room

Here are two videos for you from when Paramore played on CD101 Big Room: the first one is a Misery Business acoustic and the second one is CrushCrushCrush (looks like this one hasn’t got any sound, so when we find it out with the sound, we’ll put it again!)

16 Nov 2007

Sythesis Magazine

First video, an Interview with Hayley

Second video, the trailer of Paramore Being Crazy 4:

and Third video, Paramore Being Crazy 4 Part 1!:

16 Nov 2007

MYSPACE Blog [RIOT! MVI: $14.99 at Target!]

Look below to see the first in a series of videos introducing you to the RIOT! MVI – a limited-edition 2-disc set that will be in stores November 20th from Fueled By Ramen. You can find it on sale at Target for $14.99 through November 26th. XO, fueledbyadam


15 Nov 2007

New Myspace Blog


Tune in to Fuse tonight at 7:00 pm to catch the premiere of D’Fused: PARAMORE “BORN FOR THIS” – a half-hour special about the band.

In case you can’t catch it tonight, the special will re-air Saturday at 1:30 am and 1:00 pm and next Wednesday at 8:30 pm. Don’t miss it!




Edit: You can watch it now here

Paramore D’Fused

All credit goes to The Photographer

12 Nov 2007

New LJ Post [shut up and make my burrito!]

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hey ya’ll

pay no attention to the subject… we had a crazy run in with a chipotle employee today in san diego. hahahah.

so, i’m really sorry that we haven’t updated in a while! things have been ridiculous out here on the road and just when you think you’ve got the time for a little LJ action, you get snatched away to the next thing. it’s alright. we are having a blast on this tour. Set Your Goals left us a few days ago and now The Almost are out here… we’re stoked to have them! us and The Starting Line are still goin at it every night like we have been for the past two weeks :) i can’t believe how amazing they sound live. i mean, it’s not like i’d never seen them before this tour but they sound better than ever. we are so lucky to be out on tour with those guys. kenny has been singin with us just about every night on “That’s What You Get” and i still don’t really know how he’s hitting those notes… most dudes would try it the octave below or something but this dude is wailing parts in chick range like he wrote em! i’m lucky to be able to sing with him.

we wanted to let you guys know that The Almost aren’t going to make it to the tempe, AZ show. tim’s getting married and i think they have a show to play that is elsewhere. congratulations to tim :) WOOO!

i know you guys are probably bummed about them not making the show, but don’t get too sad cause we want you to know that we have a surprise guest/band on the bill. we aren’t allowed to announce it until the day of the show but if you haven’t bought your tix already you need to get on it!!! it’s gonna be so sick. i’m so excited i can hardly contain it. i wanna blurt it out right now but i have to control myself. hahah. okay last thing, be at that show, if you know what’s good for you!

well… i better be goin. thanks for helping us make this tour so special. you guys have ruled every night.
san diego is always insane, so i can’t wait to see what happens tonight. see you there!

11 Nov 2007

NY Times “The New Deal: Band as Brand”

The New York Times has posted an article about Paramore in the paper today, you can read it here.