Paramore on MOD

Paramore were on MOD (MuchOnDemand) a couple f days ago, here’s the interview:

Thanks to Cristina on de LJ community for posting it and to tippoff for the rip.

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A Video From Tour

hey everyone! 

I found a video from a song they cover on the tour its called “Faces in Disguise” by Sunny Day Real Estate (on 10.23.2007)

its pretty good.

check it out HERE.

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MuchMusic Blog

There’s a message over the MuchMusic blog from Jeremy and Josh.

Hey guys, how’s it going? Josh and Jeremy here.

So far the tour is going great! Thank you to all who have come out to hang with us. Tonight we play in Toronto and we are really excited. We’ve got two bands out with us right now which are the Starting Line and Set Your Goals. We are good friends with both bands and are honored to share the stage with them.

With Halloween coming up, we need to find something awesome to wear. So if you have any new and amazing ideas for what we should wear, write us either on our myspace or on our livejournal community. Its coming up soon so, hurry, hurry!! See you at the show!!!

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3 HQ photoshoot pictures from RIOT!

I just added 3 “rare” pictures from RIOT!, and I say rare because I haven’t seen them before, or at least, not in HQ.

XE2S1147_HR.jpg XE2S0333_HR.jpg XE2S0196_HR.jpg

I’ll be adding more “rare” ones but from the Misery Business shot pretty soon.

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New LJ Post [i need sleep.]

hi everyone…

alright, well i noticed a post on ap.net about a certain tour we are doing in which we “are bringing NFG to the UK” and there was even a tour poster for it! haha this i find to be pretty interesting due to the fact that we’ve barely finished with the routing of the tour. the only thing that’s concrete is the fact that NFG and the rest of us have wanted to put a tour together since we met on Warped this past summer. also, there have been no decisions or discussions that we know of about any other bands on this tour. there have been plenty of rumours about All Time Low coming out on this tour, but again no decisions have been made.

sorry for the confusion!

more posts about the tour are coming soon :)

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