18 Nov 2007

Paramore and JoJo

You can see some videos from Paramore’s visit to JoJo HERE.

18 Nov 2007

Riot! has gone gold!

According to Billboard, Riot! has gone Gold with 500,000 copies sold.
Don’t forget to check out the new version of Riot! with bonus material being released on tuesday November 20th!

18 Nov 2007

New video?

Seems like Paramore were in somewhere near Las Vegas shooting their new video on 7th November.
We don’t know anything about it yet because it hasn’t been confirmed anywhere officialy, so we’ll have to wait!

18 Nov 2007

Videos from CD101 Big Room

Here are two videos for you from when Paramore played on CD101 Big Room: the first one is a Misery Business acoustic and the second one is CrushCrushCrush (looks like this one hasn’t got any sound, so when we find it out with the sound, we’ll put it again!)

16 Nov 2007

Sythesis Magazine

First video, an Interview with Hayley

Second video, the trailer of Paramore Being Crazy 4:

and Third video, Paramore Being Crazy 4 Part 1!:

16 Nov 2007

MYSPACE Blog [RIOT! MVI: $14.99 at Target!]

Look below to see the first in a series of videos introducing you to the RIOT! MVI – a limited-edition 2-disc set that will be in stores November 20th from Fueled By Ramen. You can find it on sale at Target for $14.99 through November 26th. XO, fueledbyadam