23 Oct 2007

New LJ Post [i need sleep.]

hi everyone…

alright, well i noticed a post on about a certain tour we are doing in which we “are bringing NFG to the UK” and there was even a tour poster for it! haha this i find to be pretty interesting due to the fact that we’ve barely finished with the routing of the tour. the only thing that’s concrete is the fact that NFG and the rest of us have wanted to put a tour together since we met on Warped this past summer. also, there have been no decisions or discussions that we know of about any other bands on this tour. there have been plenty of rumours about All Time Low coming out on this tour, but again no decisions have been made.

sorry for the confusion!

more posts about the tour are coming soon :)

21 Oct 2007

Updated Albums

Some of you have probably realized about new pictures in the gallery, well, here’s the list of of the updated albums:

20 Oct 2007

crushcrushcrush video now on iTunes!

Thats right, You can now purchase “crushcrushcrush” the VIDEO on itunes.

And of course keep VOTING for paramore on trl!



thanks everyone. 

18 Oct 2007

Gallery and Media

Hi everyone,
I just want to let you all know that I have just changed the gallery layout, and last night opened the media section and it also has a new layout, n both of them i use “old” pictures, I want all of us to remember the Paramore from All We Know Is Falling, their first album.
Anyways, I hope you all like the new layouts, and if you find any kind of error, please let me know so I can fix it.

Talking about the media section, as I said before, opened it again last night, it just has 3 videos, but I’ll be uploading more in the next few days, as well as in the gallery, I’ll be uploading the new pictures pretty soon, maybe this weekend.

18 Oct 2007

Crushcrushcrush cover image and new lj post

It looks like this will be the cover of the new single. you can pre-order it here.


And here’s the LJ Post Hayley wrote last night.
Title: tour rehearsal..

[ music | The Whaler -Thrice ]

Hey guys,

hope everyone is doing well. As you know our Continue Reading  

16 Oct 2007

New LJ Post [so…]

[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | say anything. (i’m addicted). ]

lots to talk about, ya’ll!

it’s been a crazy couple of months and now that we’re back home it’s hard to believe any of it really happened. japan and australia were both incredible. it was our second time over to japan and only our first trip to australia… we couldn’t believe the crowds. every show was a blast. i feel like we really connected with all you guys at the shows and even though it was the first time we’d ever “met” the energy was ridiculous. like we’d been there so many times before. pure magic.

thank you to everyone who came out and showed us some love. we needed that! also, a HUGE thank you to Hot Rod Circuit for coming out on their last tour with US!!! Continue Reading