07 Oct 2007

paramore on Conan O’Brien 2morrow nite!

thats right fans!

Be sure to catch paramore perform on Late Night with Conan O’Brien at 12:35am/est  (Right after Jay Leno)


29 Sep 2007

Gallery Update

Yes! finally!.. i did upload some more pictures.
I’ll edit this post later with the albums that have been updated.

Thanks to everyone that have donated some pictures =]]

29 Sep 2007

Happy B-day to Josh

Yup guys, is Josh’s B-day!!!!


29 Sep 2007

LJ Post [i forgot to tell you guys. i’m such a jerk!]

[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | BBC World News… it’s trying to depress me. ]

it all started on warped tour. in new jersey.

we hopped off the 13 stage and there he was in all his glory… MAX WEINBERG!!!
some of you know him as the star of The Max Weiberg 7 from Conan O’ Brien’s show. the rest of you know him as the drummer of The E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen’s incredible band. either way, it’s Max Weinberg and he rules. he came to warped tour to watch his son’s band play that day and the two of them came over to watch our set. after we played they introduced themselves, we shook hands and talked for a few minutes. the best part was hearing Max tell Zac how great we played. so rewarding coming from such an accomplished dude. he told us that he thought Zac was an incredibly aggressive player and it was nice watching a guy in a band like ours play that way.

it doesn’t really stop there. Continue Reading  

26 Sep 2007

Join the paramore fan club!

hey if you havent done so…shame on you! =]

Be sure to sign up for Paramore’s OFFICAL fanclub, where YOU (the fans) can get info on pre-sale tickets before they go on sale to the general public as well as a free fanclub T shirt and exclusive audios/videos…much more!

be sure to sign up.

check it out here.

26 Sep 2007

Riot! Sales

Quick update on the RIOT! cd…

RIOT! has now been selling over 250,000 copies…just after being released 13 weeks ago.

wow, congrats!:)