10 Oct 2007

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we are home”


…yup. not much but hey! that alright[:

10 Oct 2007 Interview!

hey everyone!

Am not sure if this is a new video but ill post it anyways…cause for me ive never seen it so check it out if yah want.


09 Oct 2007

Paramore on Conan Last Nite!

check out paramores AWESOME performance on conan last night!


09 Oct 2007

MTV LIVE: paramore Oct 20th!

hey everyone!

So, am not sure if most people know this but i went to the taping for mtv Live at hard rock cafe and FINALY they are set to air it on tv=] which is exciting because they were amazing.

Anyways, Be sure to tune into Paramore on MTV on October 20th at 7:30pm/est!

09 Oct 2007

New Layout

That’s right guys =], I just uploaded a new layout, let me know if you find any kind of error, and what you think about it?.

Hope you all like it.

09 Oct 2007

Crushx3 and LJ Posts

Crushx3 video will premiere on TRL THIS thursday!


There are some “new” LJ posts, check them out! “26 hours” & “Conannn