GoodDyeYoung Photoshoot

It appears that a new photoshoot for GDY took place yesterday! Hayley kept an Instagram story of the whole photoshoot going all throughout the day! You can check out some of them below!

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New Paramore shows!

Two new Paramore shows have been announced today! The first one will take place on November 11th in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Personal Festival. The second will be taking place in Tampa, Florida on December 3rd at Next Big Thing.

To get info on Personal Fest go here

To get info on Next Big Thing go here

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Paramore meet fans in Billings, MT

Paramore recently met some fans before their show at MontaFair in Billings, Montana! You can check out the pictures in our gallery by clicking here.

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“Fake Happy” gets a radio release date

It appears that “Fake Happy” is going to be sent out to radio stations on August 29th according to AllAccess.com. Paramore released a radio cut of the song in June. This is exciting news because it could mean “Fake Happy” is the next US single.

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Paramore After Laughter vinyl

Two of the variants for Paramore’s After Laughter have been put online to pre-order! The rest of the colors according to Hayley are to come “soon, soon”. While your keeping an eye out for the rest of the vinyl, you can pre-order the Orange or Black/White marble at the following links –

 Black/White marble – SRC or Black/White marble – Amazon


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Paramore x UNIF Sunflower Shirt

Paramore released another UNIF t-shirt today! This one has a sunflower on it and it says Paramore across the shirt. The shirt sold out pretty quickly, but if you still want to check it out, you can do so here- http://store.paramore.net/pocket-sunflower-t-shirt-6.html

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