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New photos: Hayley and Chad at Disney World

Hayley and Chad are spending their engaged vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! They couple took a 10 hour road trip with friends to get there on January 12th. Fans have been spotting the couple this week, go to our gallery to see lots of new photos with friends and fans.


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Paramore to perform at Hangout Music Festival

Paramore will be performing on the beach at the Hangout Music Festival this May! The festival will take place on May 15th through May 17th in the Gulf Shores of Alabama.

Tickets are on sale now at Eventbrite. Check out hangoutmusicfest.com for more information about the festival.

Hangout Festival is an 18+ event unless accompanied by a parent.

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Hayley tells the story behind Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’

Radio.com interviewed Hayley and in the interview she told the story behind Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’. You can read the whole interview below.

Hayley Williams wrote Paramore‘s “Ain’t It Fun” as a tongue in cheek way of telling herself to grow up already. It ended up being a symbol of not only Williams’ own maturity but also her band’s, earning them their fourth GRAMMY nomination.

“The whole idea behind our new album was that we’re getting a second chance to start over,” she told Radio.com in 2013, “to really rediscover what we want to be and what we already are. The real message was, ‘You don’t have to give up, just because the odds are against you.’”

The band’s 2013 self-titled album sounds like a musical rebirth. Williams sings about growing up, falling in love and no longer being a crazy girl, all while expanding Paramore’s pop punk sound to include a little soul, blues-driven rock and a lot of ukulele.

But moving out of her comfort zone wasn’t easy.

“It was my first time spending a lot of time away from home, away from family and my close friends,” Williams explained. “When you get outside your bubble, you realize just how big the world is and that you kind of have to fend for yourself.”

It was this realization that helped Williams write “Ain’t It Fun,” the fourth single off the band’s fourth album, which earned the band a GRAMMY nomination for Best Rock Song.

Williams says it was Davis who initially started working on the song, which was inspired by the British pop band Dutch Uncles, who later remixed the track. Davis began working on the song in an L.A. hotel, setting up his own makeshift studio using Fiji water bottles for speakers.

“It was the most ghetto rig,” Williams said laughing, explaining that she was coming by to meet him for dinner, but ended up skipping the meal to finish the song instead.

On it Williams sings about the transition from childhood to adulthood, “Don’t go crying to your mama/ Now you’re on you’re own.” Even taunting herself a bit with the snarky chorus: “Ain’t it fun?/ Living in the real world.”

“The lyrics were my sarcastic way of realizing you can’t be the king of the hill all the time,” she says. “It was a really good exercise for me as a human being—as a 23-year-old person at the time—understanding that life is so much bigger than your own perspective.

“It’s a really fun song to record,” she added, “but it was sort of me telling myself off.”

In hindsight, Williams says the song was just what she needed to get out of her funk. “I felt like I was going kicking and screaming on my own. But it’s funny, because I needed that,” she said. “I needed a change of perspective to know I could do a lot of things on my own.”

The song, which peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, also had Williams revisiting her gospel roots. Williams and Davis actually first played together in a late ’70s R&B cover band where they tackled songs by Chaka Khan and Stevie Wonder.

“I grew up on gospel, I love gospel and I think I never thought it would mesh at all with what Paramore would ever do,” she said. “But luckily on this album, we were a lot more openminded.”

Three months after recording the original version of “Ain’t It Fun,” Paramore headed back into the studio with a six-person gospel choir in tow.

“They put so much soul and so much feeling into their sound that makes it real and raw,” Williams said. “I actually cried like three times just hearing these people sing our sing. It was so cool.”

Paramore will go up against Jack White, The Black Keys, Beck and Ryan Adams for Best Rock Song at the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards, airing Sunday, Feb. 8 at 8 pm EST on CBS.

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Hayley is engaged!

Hayley announced on her Twitter that she and her long-time boyfriend, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, are getting married! On behalf of all of us on Paramore Online, we congratulate the couple on their engagement!


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New photos: Hayley spotted by fans in Franklin and Nashville, TN

Fans have been spotting Hayley in her hometown of Franklin, TN and also in Nashville. Yesterday she was seen at the mall shopping and today at a local coffee shop and McKays Used Bookstore in Nashville. Go to our gallery to see new photos with fans.


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Happy 26th birthday Hayley!

Hayley Williams is celebrating her 26th birthday today. Happy birthday Hayley! You can go wish her a happy birthday on her twitter.

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