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Hayley performed with Fall Out Boy

Hayley joined Fall Out Boy on stage last night in Brooklyn, NY to perform “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” You can watch the performance below. We have also added some photos from last night into our gallery, check them all out here.


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Paramore breaks records (literally) in the new Ain’t It Fun video!

The official music video for Paramore’s newest single, Ain’t It Fun, is out now! Doesn’t it look like a lot of fun?

You can see Paramore breaking records in the music video but if you want to see more videos of them doing so, go here!

Here’s one video of Taylor breaking a record!

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Paramore working on new music

Apparently Paramore are already working on new music. Earlier this week Hayley posted photo on her Instagram hinting that she is writing new material. Then later she also tweeted to Jon Howard, one of Paramore’s touring guitarists, telling him that she has “a new one” and “it’s about that time…fasten your seatbelts!”

The instagram photo and tweets can be found below.

emojiemojiemoji?emoji” -@yelyahwilliams

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Part 2 of the interview with Live Nation

Live Nation’s Jill interviewed Paramore while the band was in Toronto back in November. You can watch Part 2 of the interview below. The band shared their love of talking to fans online and watching cartoons (especially Adventure Time) on the road! Check out Part 1 here.

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Video from the interview in Auckland

We already posted about the interview The Edge’s Guy and Clint did with  Paramore in Auckland. The Edge has now released a video from the interview, you can watch it here. We have also added few photos from the interview into our gallery.

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Hayley talking about her own hair dye line

Hayley posted a new message on Tumblr talking about her own hair dye line, which she plans on releasing this year! You can read the whole message below.

Hey there internuts

Just wanna make clear that, yesssss, I am in fact in the early stages of creating a hair dye line… However, the rumor that I am teaming up with Manic Panic to do it is not true. Their dyes are rad and the company as a whole is a massive source of inspiration for me. Don’t want Manic Panic folks thinking that I’m using their name to get ahead.. Awkward!
This is gonna be my thing! 100% my vision and I’m pretty psyched about it. Still a long way to go but I’m working hard and cannot wait to really be at a point where I can share more. Anyway, I just wanted to clear all that up. Thanks for the excitement/enthusiasm. Only makes me more excited!

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