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pencil_side_right.gif Current official members
pencil_right.gif Hayley Williams (lead vocals, occasional keyboards)
pencil_right.gif Taylor York (lead and rhythm guitar, occasional drums and percussion)
pencil_right.gif Zac Farro (drums, percussion)

pencil_side_right.gif Current touring members
pencil_right.gif Justin York (rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals)
Justin – the older brother of Taylor – has been with the band, on and off, since the beginning. He was officially announced as a touring member at the end of 2010.

pencil_right.gif Joseph “Joey” Howard (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Joey used to be a bass tech for the band, but stepped into the shoes of the bassist when the opportunity presented itself. He is also the current bassist of HalfNoise. Joey’s older brother – Jonathan “Jon” Howard – used to play rhythm guitar,  keyboards and percussion, sing backing vocals and provide special effects, as a touring member of Paramore (from 2010 until 2016).

pencil_right.gif Logan MacKenzie (rhythm guitar, keyboards, special effects)
Logan is a friend of Zac’s – he joined Paramore as a touring member when they started touring for their fifth studio album – “After Laughter”. He is also the lead guitarist of HalfNoise.

pencil_right.gif Joseph “Joe” Mullen (percussion, occasional drums)
When Paramore started touring for the “After Laughter” album, Joe, a friend of Zac’s, joined them on stage. He is also Zac’s drum tech and the drummer of HalfNoise.

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