pencil_side_right.gif Biography

pencil_side_right.gif Current official members
pencil_right.gif Hayley Williams (vocals, keyboard)
pencil_right.gif Taylor York (lead guitar)
pencil_right.gif Zac Farro (drums)

pencil_side_right.gif Current touring members
pencil_right.gif Justin York (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Justin has been with the band, on and off, since the beginning. He is a touring member and the older brother of Taylor. He also sings back up vocals at their live shows.

pencil_right.gif Joseph “Joey” Howard (bass)
Joey used to be a bass tech for the band, but stepped into the shoes of the bassist when the opportunity presented itself. His older brother Jon “Jonathan” Howard used to play guitar in Paramore as a touring member.

pencil_right.gif Joseph “Joe” Mullen (drums, percussion)
Joe is a friend of Zac’s and plays in Halfnoise as well. When the band started touring with their 5th album, Joe joined them on stage. He is also Zac’s drum tech.

pencil_right.gif Logan MacKenzie (guitar, special effects, keyboards)
Logan is a friend of Zac’s and plays in Halfnoise as well. He joined the band as a touring member when they started touring their 5th album.

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