Vocals, keyboards: Hayley Williams
Lead guitar, glockenspiel: Taylor York
Drums: Zac Farro
Record label: Fueled By Ramen & Atlantic Records
Management: Fly South Music Group

Energetic pop-rock band Paramore come from the state of Tennessee in the United States. Today the band consists of three members, singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro. When the band performs live, they have touring musicians and friends helping them out. Paramore has released four full-length albums and the latest, “Paramore”, which debuted #1 on Billboard 200, was released in April 2013. The three previous albums, “All We Know Is Falling”, “Riot!” and “brand new eyes” have been highly acclaimed by both critics and the fans.

Paramore’s story began when Hayley, 13, moved from Mississippi to Tennessee with her mom. Hayley had trouble adjusting to school so she switched over to private education, where she met her future (now former) band members: brothers Josh Farro, who played guitar, and Zac Farro, who was a drummer. The Farro’s had their own band projects going on during those times and they didn’t think that having a girl in the band would work. However, when the boys heard Hayley sing, she was in. Hunter Lamb, who was friend of the Farro’s, was also in the band playing guitar. Hayley had already previously met Jeremy Davis, when he was auditioning for his former the punk band, The Factory. Hayley wanted Jeremy in their band and the Farro’s brought in their friend, Taylor York. There are contradictory stories about the band’s first steps, and other members were also included in the band. The real assembly started coming together in 2005.

In 2004 the band performed for small audiences in their home state Tennessee. When the former Fueled By Ramen founder John Janick saw them play in Florida, Paramore finally got a chance to play for bigger audiences. Janick was so impressed by their performance which was full of energy that he offered them a record deal.

After their first album, “All We Know Is Falling” (2005), the band started touring worldwide. Many big music magazines wrote about them, such as The New York Times and SPIN. During one of their sold-out tours, the bass player Jeremy, decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Jason Bynum replaced him for a brief period of time.

Jeremy decided to return to Paramore when they started writing their second album “Riot!” in 2007. Before “Riot!” Jason and Hunter left the band for personal reasons. RIOT! made the band known worldwide and the crowds were bigger than ever. The biggest song of the album, “Misery Business” is still their encore song at every show. In 2007-2008 Paramore was in the center of attention in media; they were nominated from MTV Video Awards to Grammys. At the same time the band was having some internal difficulties and problems. Now the band consisted of the Farro brothers, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor (who wasn’t an official member at the time). Hayley and Josh Farro had been dating for years before RIOT! came out, but they broke up in late 2007, which caused disputes in the band. Paramore even had to cancel one of their European tours in 2007, to sort out all their internal problems.

After the air was cleaned, the band started writing new material for Riot!’s follow-up. The task wasn’t easy, since Riot! was a huge success. In fall 2009 the band came out with their third album brand new eyes, which debuted #2 on Billboard’s Top 100. According to Hayley, this album was supposed to save the band and solve the internal problems they’d been having. The album’s themes were maturing, anger and especially the relationship between Josh and Hayley. Before “brand new eyes”, Taylor York was announced as an official band member and he was very welcomed by the fans.

In 2010 the band received their 2nd Grammy nomination. The band seemed to enjoy their success, but there were signs of exhaustion as well, especially with Josh and Zac. Josh announced he would be missing out on the band’s Australian tour in spring 2010 due to his wedding that took place that spring. Taylor’s brother, Justin York, replaced him, and rumors of Josh leaving the band started circulating on the internet.

On December 18th, 2010, the band announced on their official website, that Josh and Zac would be leaving the band, but Paramore (Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor) would continue as a three-piece band. The break-up was not amicable and sides were formed. The Farro’s released their own statement on an unofficial blog created by Josh, and blamed Hayley for everything that went wrong. The remaining members of Paramore wrote songs regarding the departure of the Farro brothers and their feelings, and released a four-song compilation called “The Singles Club”. Even though Paramore had lost two of their founding members, they were still nominated for another Grammy Award in 2011, but ended up not winning the award.

In 2011 they started working on new material, Taylor replaced Josh as the main music writer, and they toured in South America as well as Europe, but the Farros’ departure didn’t seem to affect the band’s fame. In May 2011 Paramore released a single called “Monster” for “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon” soundtrack.

In 2012 Paramore took a lot of time off to focus on the writing and recording of their fourth full-length album. They only played five shows and spent the rest of the 360 days working on the album. They released their new album, which was self-titled, worldwide on April 9th, 2013. The critically acclaimed album debuted at #1 on Billboard knocking off Brad Paisley and Justin Timberlake. Since then the album has received gold and platinum certifications in multiple countries. The band spent the year 2013 touring all over the world and played their biggest US tour to-date. They even headlined Madison Square Garden for the first time ever!

In 2014 Paramore did their first-ever cruise called Parahoy!, which sailed from Miami to the Bahamas, co-headlined “Monumentour” (over 35 tourdates) with Fall Out Boy and got nominated for “Best Rock Song” at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for their song “Ain’t It Fun”. Hayley also received a Trailblazer Award at the Billboard Women In Music Awards and then performed alongside Kelly Clarkson at her “Miracle On Broadway” show in Nashville, TN.

On December 15th, 2015, Paramore announced that Jeremy Davis, the bass player, has left the band. The band would continue as a duo, and play on their second Parahoy Cruise, as scheduled. Paramore sailed from Miami, FL to Cozumel, Mexico in March, on a sold out cruise, and then went on a touring hiatus. The band is currently working on their 5th album with their old drummer Zac Farro, and producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who produced Paramore’s fourth, self-titled album.