Pressure1. ”Pressure” (June 26th, 2005)
“Pressure” is the first single from “All We Know Is Falling”.
The music video for “Pressure” was released later in the same year as the single and it was directed by Shane Drake.

“Pressure” can also be heard on “The Sims 2” videogame.


Emergency1.”Emergency” (October 16th, 2005)
2. “Oh Star”
“Emergency” is the second single from “All We Know Is Falling”.
The music video was also directed by Shane Drake.
The song is about how love is usually taken for granted and how many relationships are having an “emergency”. It also tells about how Hayley witnessed her parents’ arguments and divorce. Hayley also saw her stepfather abuse her mother.


All We Know1. ”All We Know” (February 21st, 2006)
“All We Know” is the third and the last single from Paramore’s debut album. The music video was shot by Dan Dobi and it includes live footage from several gigs from their American tour.

“All We Know” is about Jeremy Davis leaving the band and about Hayley’s parents’ divorce.


Misery Business 1. ”Misery Business” (July 19th, 2007)
2. ”Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)”
Misery Business is the first single from Paramore’s second album “Riot!”. The music video for “Misery Business” was directed by Shane Drake. The music video was also nominated for the “Best Video” award at the Kerrang! Awards 2007 and Alternative Press named “Misery Business” the Video of the Year in 2007. The song is about people who can manipulate others and who get everything they want.


Hallelujah 1. ”Hallelujah” (September 18th, 2007)
2. ”When It Rains”
“Hallelujah” was the second single from “Riot!”. It was only released in Great Britain and Ireland. The music video was directed by a company called “Big TV!” and consisted of behind the scenes and live performance footage. There are two different versions of the song. The first one is a demo and the second one is a re-recording which ended up in the album.


Crushcrushcrush 1. ”Crushcrushcrush” (November 21st, 2007)
Crushcrushcrush is the third single from “Riot!”. The music video was directed by Shane Drake. The single won a Teen Choice Award for “Best Rock Track”. You can hear the song in the TV series called NCIS, in the episode “Stakeout” and see the music video playing in the background.

Crushcrushcrush is one of the biggest hits by Paramore.


Thats what you get 1. ”That’s What You Get” (March 24th, 2008)
“That’s What You Get” is the fourth and the last single from “Riot!”. The music video for the song was directed by Marcos Siega. The music video was shot when they were supposed to have a break from their European tour to work on their “personal issues”. Some of the friends of the band members were also featured in the music video.


The song was also certified Gold in the United States on 12th of December, 2008
Decode 1. ”Decode” (November 16th, 2008)

The song was written for the movie “Twilight”. It was released from the soundtrack and “I Caught Myself” can also be found from the record. “Decode” also ended up in Paramore’s third studio album as a bonus track. The music video was directed by Shane Drake and the song got really popular all over the world.


Ignorance 1. ”Ignorance” (July 7th, 2009)
“Ignorance” is the first single from Paramore’s third studio album called “Brand New Eyes”. The music video for the song was shot in California.
The song is about the arguements between the band members and about Hayley’s feelings while she was going through all the disagreements. Hayley revealed that the filming of this music video was literally painful, as she had to trash around in a showcase-like box. Her make-up in the video was inspired by the movie “A Clockwork Orange”.


Brickbyboringbrick 1. ”Brick By Boring Brick” (November 14th, 2009)
“Brick By Boring Brick” is the second single from “Brand New Eyes”. The music video for “Brick By Boring Brick” was directed by Meiert Avis and it was featured in The Vampire Diaries episode “Under Control”. The song is about growing up and burying the past. The little girl, supposedly playing Hayley’s younger version, is an actress called Harley Graham.


The Only Exception 1. ”The Only Exception” (April 5th, 2010)
“The Only Exception” is the third single from “Brand New Eyes” and it was released in Great Britain. The band themselves chose the director of the music video to be their friend, Brandon Chesbro. A lot of Valentine’s Day cards sent by their fans were featured in the video. “The Only Exception” is the first ballad the band has released as a single.


Careful 1. ”Careful” (July 12th, 2010)
“Careful” is the fourth single from Paramore’s third album. The director for the song’s music video was also Brandon Chesbro. The video consists of live footage from several tours. There is also another music video, done with a similar style, but featuring video footage from their Australian tour of 2010.


Playing God 1. ”Playing God” (November 15th, 2010)
“Playing God” is the fifth and the last single from “Brand New Eyes”. The music video for “Playing God” was directed by Brandon Chesbro. The music video was shot at Hayley’s home, in Nashville. This video was the last video that featured all the five members of Paramore, including the Farro brothers. When the video was being filmed, the band, however, knew they would be parting ways soon. Hayley said that she had written the song while going through some really angry feelings.


Monster 1. ”Monster” (June 7th, 2011)
“Monster” is one of the four songs that Paramore wrote after Josh and Zac left the band in 2010. It was released as a single from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon OST soundtrack. The music video for “Monster” was directed by Shane Drake. It was the first video featuring only the three remaining members of Paramore. The video was shot in an abandoned hospital called “Linda Vista”. The video got over one million views in 3 days.


1. “Now” (January 22nd, 2013)
“Now” is the first single off of Paramore’s fourth, self-titled, album. The music video for “Now” has been directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos. It was filmed in Los Angeles, CA and was inspired by the movie “Looper”. Now was the first music video by Paramore where the band can not be seen playing any instruments.


1. ”Still Into You” (April 8th, 2013)
“Still Into You” is the 2nd single off of “Paramore”. It is about Hayley’s feelings towards her boyfriend but also very relatable to anyone in a relationship. The song was first performed at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX and it was released on YouTube on the same day. The music video, directed by Isaac Rentz, was filmed in the same city. It was released a day before the album’s worldwide release.


Daydreaming” (December 2nd, 2013)

The 3rd single – “Daydreaming” – is the song, which started recording sessions for the self-titled album (back in 2012). The music video, partially filmed at the band’s Wembley Arena concert, tells the story of two girls – who are dreaming of seeing Paramore live in concert – and their London adventure.


Ain’t It Fun” (January 29th, 2014)
“Ain’t It Fun” is the 4th single off of “Paramore”. The band filmed a music video for this single, but didn’t like the result so they filmed another music video for it. The new video premiered on January 29th. It was filmed on December 2nd in Nashville, TN and directed by Sophia Peer. The song is about moving out, getting out of your comfort zone and living in the real world.


Hard Times” (April 19th, 2017)
“Hard Times” is first single off of Paramore’s fifth studio album, “After Laughter”. It’s also the first song to be released by the band since the return of drummer Zac Farro and the departure of former bassist Jeremy Davis. The music video was directed by Andrew Joffe and it was shot at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles over two days in March 2017. The video got over ten million views in less than a week.


“Told You So” (May 3, 2017)

According to Hayley Williams, “Told You So” (the 2nd single from “After Laughter”) was one of the first pieces of music that Taylor York shared with her. When the song premiered, the music video – directed by Zac Farro and Aaron Joseph – was uploaded on Fueled By Ramen’s YouTube channel at the same time. The clip is based on the band’s car rides after recording sessions. The driving scenes feature Zac’s actual car, while the indoor scenes were shot at Taylor’s house.

“Fake Happy” (August 29, 2017)

The following single, “Fake Happy”, is lyrically a honest commentary about putting on a “mask” for the outside world and hiding one’s true feelings and emotions. This theme was visually interpreted by Zac Farro, who directed the song’s video (the first Paramore video, which features only Hayley Williams). In it, the singer is walking around New York City, where all the people are depicted with animated, yellow upside-down smileys covering their faces.

“Rose-Colored Boy” (March 2, 2018)

The lyrics of the 4th single from “After Laughter” criticise exaggerated optimism. In the vein of this, the music video – directed by Warren Fu and produced by Jona Ward – is based around a fictional, 80’s-styled talk show entitled “Wake Up! Roseville”. The band members play the role of hosts, constantly pressured by the crew to create a positive mood for the programme.

“Caught In The Middle” (June 26, 2018)

This is the 5th single released during the “After Laughter” promotional cycle. In the video, directed by a group named Computer Team, Hayley, Taylor and Zac are trying to find themselves in a colorful, animated and fruity environment.