Taylor York

Name: Taylor Benjamin York
Date of birth: December 17th, 1989
Place of birth: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Current location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Nickname(s): T, Tay, Yorkie
Height: 5’10” (178cm)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, naturally curly
Siblings: Two older brothers

Taylor Benjamin York was born in Nashville, Tennessee on December 17th, 1989. He is the third and youngest son to both of his parents. He has two older brothers that are at least eight years older than him. He is also an uncle to two nieces and one nephew. His brother Justin plays the rhythm guitar for Paramore and was the one who taught Taylor to play guitar.

Taylor is the newest official member of Paramore, he wasn’t made an official member of the band until 2009 because his parents insisted he’d graduate high school before pursuing his career in music. Taylor used to sing back up vocals for Paramore but when he went through puberty, his voice dropped and he couldn’t hit the high notes anymore. When Taylor graduated high school he went on tour with Paramore. His best friend at the time, Zac Farro, played drums for Paramore. A year after Taylor was made an official member, the Farro’s left Paramore due to some conflicts inside the band, and Taylor had to make a big decision. He wanted to keep playing music with Paramore, which meant that he had to part ways with his best friend. Taylor and Zac have been able to rediscover their friendship since then. This break up did however inspire the vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams, to write a song on the way she felt when she saw Taylor upset. This song is called “Hate To See Your Heart Break” and can be found on the band’s latest, self-titled album “Paramore”.

“Be a voice for the voiceless. This world needs more love and hope.”
– Taylor York

Taylor got himself a dog, Bill, during the recording of their 4th album but had to give him away due to his strict touring schedule and traveling. Taylor loves spending time at home with his friends and resides in Nashville, TN. Taylor and his house were featured on HGTV’s “Interiors Inc” later that year, where they renovated his living room.

Like his fellow band members, Taylor is a Christian. Taylor says he needs a lot of time just for himself or otherwise he’ll get cranky, but he loves goofing around as well. He likes making up rhymes and is a mad rapper. He wrote his first poem when he was seven years old, it was called “Bees Just Rule”. Taylor says he likes riding his bike and the idea of exercising, but seldom engages in the latter one.

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