Participate in the making of The Only Exception music video! (LJ)


We sent this to the fanclub first and now everyone gets a chance:

Hey guys!

We need your help. Later this month, we’ll be shooting the video for “The Only Exception”. There is a shot that may or may not require a bazillion Valentine’s Day cards…instead of picking up a bunch of dumb ones, which would probably be easier, we want personalized ones. Made by YOU! We’re not asking for anything crazy, just get some red or pink paper and write something on it. It could be the name of some kid you’re crushing on and don’t have the balls to tell yet…or it could be a letter to us saying what’s up… Or maybe you just like writing? If you’re up for it, get to it now! We will be putting EVERY LETTER we get from you guys in this video. There are no losers, only winners. Woohooo!

Oh and just a side note: try to keep the size of the cards to a minimum!

Thanks guys :)

To submit YOUR Valentine’s Day card to be included in the video, please mail your card to the following address:

Paramore Fan Club
853 Broadway
Floor 3
New York, NY

We MUST have your card by next Wednesday, January 27th, to be included in the shoot. As mailing times vary per region, we strongly recommend you mail your card on Saturday or Monday to ensure its arrival in NYC by Wednesday. [EDIT FROM THE BAND:] If you think you could get your cards in by Thursday.. or even early Friday.. still give it a shot! Cause we will try and have them overnighted to the shoot and use them. THANK YOU!

So send your card in as soon as possible, but read this first, print and sign it and include it with the card you made. If you’re under 18, you MUST have your parent or legal guardian sign it so that no one will get in trouble (sued or something).


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