real life [LJ entry]

i took twitter off my phone the other day and it felt like killing a giant angry spider that was in my garage blocking me from getting into my car… which was amazing cause the real life spider that was actually in my garage was really extremely frightening.. and not killing it in real life was like a total failure. run on sentence, i know. my point is, it felt good to take it off my phone. liberation! besides not everything i do is even all that interesting.

so with all the extra time, i’ve really just been hanging out with my family, watching the casey anthony trial, trying to find vegetarian and/or vegan food in franklin, sitting on my butt… OH! and we made a music video ( <<- i think that's tweet worthy ) we flew to LA on sunday and shot the whole thing yesterday. from the buttcrack of dawn until we nearly died. didn't mind it! we had a blast. of course, we left with battle scars. i can't do anything without getting my stupid knees bruised. at the end of every tour i have like 50 bruises on my legs! i don't understand. anyways, it was so so awesome working with shane again... a very different experience from any of the other videos we've done with him. i won't go into all the reasons why in case it would give anything away. i'm just really excited to see it all finished. my head is killlling me. i guess i need sleep? or maybe a popsicle. rehearsals start this weekend... that much closer to getting out there and seeing you guys. ughhhh can't make time move fast enough! ok, goodnight! -h


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