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Lidia (Admin)

Lidia is currently studying event management in a university and doing an internship in Nashville, TN. Lidia enjoys photography, music (e.g. Paramore, Taylor Swift, Grace Vanderwaal, Lights, twentyonepilots), cupcakes and food in general, her friends and family, traveling (especially in the US), being nostalgic and going to shows and the movies.

Lidia joined the management team of Paramore Online in 2008 and then created the first Finnish fansite for Paramore, Paramore Finland. She now moderates Paramore Sweden, is the admin of Paramore Online and Paramore Finland and is in charge of the gallery. She attended her first Paramore show in 2008, and has been to over 30 shows since. Lidia has also met the band multiple times and attended both the Parahoy! cruises and will be going on the third one as well.

Jess (Administrator)

Jess is a web developer from Spain. She’s also a student in college, majoring in advertising and public relations. In her free time Jess likes to watch NBC’s television shows (e. g. Parks and Recreation) and hang out with her friends and family.

Jess is the creator and admin of Paramore Online and Paramore Spain. Jess has been to twelve Paramore shows, and has met the band multiple times. Jess also attended both of the Parahoy! cruises and is going on the third one as well.


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Info coming soon.