US Tour with Relient K and fun. + Gallery stuff

Hayley recently confirmed, that Paramore’s US tour will start on April 24th. No other tour dates or cities have been announced yet.

They will be headlining the tour and the supporting bands areRelient K and fun.

At the People’s Choice Awards Hayley also said that they will be in the US touring in late spring and late summer.

In the Live Chat she also said that they will be doing some festivals overseas. So when more info is released, we’ll update about it!

Sorry for the lack of updates here, I am fully busy with the Finnish section and I sometimes neglect the English one. I have luckily arranged us some cowebs, you have seen some of them posting here already. Please welcome Eva, Charlie and Caroline to the staff!

Gallery news as is closing, we got the permission to take all their pics and add them to our gallery! Thanks a lot! So, a lot of pictures still need to be saved and then added! We all are working on that and the gallery will soon go through a major revamp: a new design, new categories, MANY pictures. So, keep visiting!


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